Gisha and the Student

The idea of taking a concept, or abstraction that only lives in your imagination, and turning it into a tangible reality both fascinates, and boggles the mind. It is also exactly what we stand for and are passionate about.

So when Gisha’s creator (a second year 3D-Animation student) wanted to breathe a bit more life into his 3D creations, we were in our element and super excited! After a few sessions to discuss dimensions, material, color, and timeline, we were able to get Gisha to his creator within 24 hours!

Gisha’s ‘father’ is (needless to say) over the moon, and blessed the day his ‘son’ finally metamorphosed into our tangible reality. From the student: “I get up each morning, look over at my desk… gaze my eyes at my boy, and I say to myself ‘Gosh, I created that. Awesome!‘”

Our client is happy. We are happy!

We were absolutely thrilled and honored to be a part of this journey.

How is Gisha finding life on this side of the universe? See for yourself in the video below (we are as happy as you are, Gisha! Enjoy your new Life!):