The success story of our client, is our success story! Every story is different; and we value the unique contexts of each of our clients. We are committed to walking your journey with you, to turn your concept into reality. 

Gisha and the Student

When Gisha’s creator (a second year 3D-Animation student) wanted to breathe a bit more life into his 3D creations, we were in our element and super excited!

Kabelo makes a Stand!

“Make me a stand. Personalise it. Make it fabulous!”

Latha’s Jewelry

And if you need a piece of décor for your own shop, give us a shout.

Minecraft Piggy Makes Bank

Our client wanted to know if we could take a Minecraft Piggy, and turn him into a bank. What an awesome idea… But could we? Of course we can! 😀

No Brake, No Problem

Rapid Prototyping – Logo

If you require nimble, rapid 3D prototyping services, give 3DPOD and opportunity to add value to your business, in a very cost effective manner!

Return of the TOOTH

Be it a safe haven ’till the Tooth Fairy makes the rounds, or a spot for your dental product(s), TOOTH has you covered!

The Tooth Fairy is coming

When a child looses their teeth, a golden bubble with that child’s name appears in the tooth fairy’s castle. She takes all the bubbles with her when she collects the teeth, and puts the tooth in the child’s bubble so it can float back to her castle and she can fly on to the next lost tooth.